• Each piece of antique timber is rooted in montreal's history.

    Modern Design With a Rustic Touch

    We make old barn wood new again, so you can enjoy it in your home and pass it's stories on
  • Every product from Mr. Barnwood is guaranteed authentic.

    A Piece Of History For Everyone

    We supply contractors, architects, designers and individuals.

Born from a reverence for wood and passion for barns, our missions is to offer you a piece of your heritage.

Reclaimed wood in montreal and across the country is one of the most popular interior design products on the market. Project options are limitless with this rustic but contemporary material: feature walls, furniture, shelving, doors, and flooring are just a few options. It effortlessly adds character, style and intrigue to any home.

What makes Mr. Barnwood different from the rest?

Our wood is not only appealing but a reminder of our humble beginnings on this land.
We hold ourselves to high standards. From assessing the barn to dismantling it, all the way to delivery (if required) we see our timber through from beginning to end.
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Maybe our sister company Brennan's Antiques and Garage Sale has what you are looking for.
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Looking for barn wood
or a contractor to bring
your ideas to reality?
We can help.

We reply to messages as soon as possible and
usually answer all inquiries with 24 hours.

We supply everyone from hobbyists to large corporations

We recently provided McDonalds Canada with all the materials needed for their new commercial.

Clients Feedback

Every Peice of wood we use has a story and the story continues with every new client.