Our History

The History of our Product

Almost upon arrival (late 1700's), settlers armed with the idea of a better life began to carve the landscape. They would soon discover the richness of the soil of some of the most fertile land in the Chateauguay Valley. Cutting trees, tilling up the soil and making a home were quintessential. Cutting trees meant fire wood and timber. Before the arrival of sawyers and mechanized means of milling, these trees where cut with a broad axe and froe. Hence, the marks we see in hand hewn beams. Most of the trees cut were large first growth Hemlock and Spruce. Our virgin forests looked much differently than the ones we know today. Barns began to crop up along the country side. In some cases, these barns served as the original temporary homes for some settlers, then either taken apart for some other use or used as an implement shed or chicken coop.